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About personal Training

” I personally meet face to face all my clients in the greater Montreal area. “

I personally meet face to face all my clients in the greater Montreal area and design every program for all of my clients with the methods that made me achieve an elite physique. With all the men and women I work with, my goal is to create a long-term relationship and create a friendly environment. My main priority is to make you become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally – but mostly mentally.

When you sign up for one-one-one coaching with me, you can expect a highly effective meal plan/supplements protocol tailored to your needs and advanced training techniques to improve your shape, size, symmetry, and conditioning. I work with both competitors and non-competitors alike.

With me, you can expect an authentic and no-bullshit approach.

How It Works: 

 1. When we meet for the first time we will go over a questionnaire to assess your situation and guide us towards the best solutions for you. 


2. After our meeting I’ll start working on your workout program, meal plan and supplements protocol. I will comeback to you within 3 business days with your programs completed. 

 3. You will now have all the tools to follow your plan and put in the work. I will follow up with you regurely and check in your progress so I can adjust anything if necessary. Feel free to send me any questions or concerns via text message.

Personal Training

– Face to face goal assessment

– Personalized meal plan

– Custom-tailored workout program for your body type and objectives

– Custom-tailored supplements guide and protocol

– 24/7 one-on-one email access and support for questions and concerns

– Check-in and adjustments with me every 2 weeks

– Easy access to our one-on-one coaching through the Fitlog app

Private training

– 1 hour of private training at the location of your choice

Body fat calculation

Accurately track your progression by getting your body fat percentage calculated

be the best version of yourself

Pain is temporary.
      pride is forever.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“ When I first met Jeremy, at first I was really scared of not meeting my goals and I was sure I was going to give up. Jeremy knew how to give me all the necessary tools to reach my goal in a very realistic way. He is an excellent coach who listens to his clients and shares his passion ! ”

Jordan cuzzo

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Not sure about which personal training package to choose ? Send me a e-mail now and I will help you pick the right plan for you.