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About Online Training

” I personally design every program for all of my clients with the same methods that helped me achieve an elite physique. “

I personally design every program for all of my clients with the methods that made me achieve an elite physique. With all the men and women I work with, my goal is to create a long-term relationship and create a friendly environment. My main priority is to make you become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally – but mostly mentally.

When you sign up for one-one-one or online coaching with me, you can expect a highly effective meal plan/supplements protocol tailored to your needs and advanced training techniques to improve your shape, size, symmetry, and conditioning. I work with both competitors and non-competitors alike.

With me, you can expect an authentic and no-bullshit approach.

How It Works: 

1. When you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire in your email. Fill it out fully and submit. If you don’t see it within an hour, please check your spam folder.


2. Once this is done, I’ll start working on your workout program, meal plan and supplements protocol. Give me approximately three days to complete this. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder, sometimes it may end up in there.

 3. Now follow your plan and put in the work. It is then your responsibility to send me your check-ins and progress updates so I can adjust anything if necessary. Feel free to send me any questions or concerns via email.

Personal Online COaching

– 12 or 24 week process

– Personalized Nutritional Protocol

– Custom-tailored training program ( new every 4 weeks)

– Customized supplemental protocol

– Personal Q & A Support ( Email)

– Check-in’s bi-weekly

– Easy access to Fitlog app (Workouts/Nutrition)

Competition Package (16 weeks)

– Personalized meal plan with weekly adjustments

– All-new training program every 4 weeks

– Custom-tailored supplements guide and protocol

– 24/7 one-on-one email access and support for questions and concerns

– Check-in and adjustments with me every week

– Easy access to our one-on-one coaching through the Fitlog app

Custom-tailored Meal Plans

Custom tailored meal plan based on your personal specific goals

Custom-tailored Workout Program

Custom tailored workout plan based on your personal specific goals

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Client Testimonials

“ Jay has been a great guidance for me as my personal coach. His impressive knowledge about nutrition, supplementation and hypertrophy training has helped me transform my body composition within weeks and he has also helped me push through mental barriers. ”

Guillaume Lemay

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Not sure about which package to choose ? Send me an e-mail now and I will help you pick the right plan for you.