Meet the team

Proudly providing the best bodybuilding training in town, Apex Physique focuses on helping clients overcome their limitations and achieve the best version of themselves. It’s never too late to start working towards your goals. We’ll help you get there.

About Jay Lisacek

Fitness Coach

My name is Jeremy Lisacek, I’m a 24 year old certified personal trainer, bodybuilder and fitness model from Montréal. I believe that the key to a successful training program is personalization. That is why all my clients receive custom made programs. I provide one-on-one attention to all my clients at every fitness level. By focusing on each of my clients unique goals, I design individualized strategy the includes a diverse range of exercises and an nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle. My training programs will challenge your body and help you get to the next level.

About Justin

Fitness Coach

Justin is a 25 year old bodybuilder trainer from Montreal who is dedicated to help aspiring bodybuilders achieve their goals. Justin as gathered a lot of experience from working with body builders of all levels, including amateur and professional athletes. He has competed in over twenty competitions and won six of them. Now he wants to share his knowledge with others by offering personal fitness training for those looking for guidance on how to reach their fitness goals. His goal is not only to improve your physique, but also make you the strongest version of yourself possible.