Jay Lisacek : Personal & Online Training

Take your training to the next level
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Jay Lisacek : Personal & Online Training

Take your training to the next level
ServicesAbout Me

Jay Lisacek offers the best personal training in Montreal and Online training world wide. I offer personalized one on one personal training and online training. I have been a personal trainer and online coach for many years and consider myself one of the best in the industry. I offer a variety of fitness, workout and nutrition programs to my clients and help them achieve their goals successfully and efficiently.

My Coaching Services

I personally design every program for all of my clients with the methods that helped me achieve an elite physique.

12/24 Weeks coaching

Competition Package (16 weeks)

Private training

Custom-tailored Workout Program

Body fat calculation

Custom-tailored Nutrition Plans

About Jay Lisacek

Fitness Coach

My name is Jeremy Lisacek, I’m a 24 year old certified personal trainer, bodybuilder and fitness model from Montréal. I believe that the key to a successful training program is personalization. That is why all my clients receive custom made programs. I provide one-on-one attention to all my clients at every fitness level. By focusing on each of my clients unique goals, I design individualized strategy the includes a diverse range of exercises and an nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle. My training programs will challenge your body and help you get to the next level.


Since I started working out under Jay’s supervision, I only have positive things to say about him. Training and diet plans exceed my expectations and allow me to reach my goals faster than I would have imagined! He is an excellent coach and a very honest person who knows how to motivate when needed. His personal approach and his concern for health are two of the characteristics that set him apart from others!

Carl-David Bussière

Big thanks to Jay! Before him, I never bothered to approach a professional for my fitness needs, but now that I made this decision I can say it was one of the best. He knew how to convince me without even trying to convince me. He knows his stuff and has the right approach. He is motivating and recognizes the need of his client without problem and knows exactly where to go. The program and the diet that was built for me brought me results quicker then I ever imagined. I recommend Jay to anyone looking to build a better physic as well as mental toughness. 5/5.

Obi Liberato

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